About Texas Campaign for Mothers

We are a group of mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and sisters-in-law who live in Texas, love our state, and feel strongly that we need to provide relief for Texas' mothers, women who want to become mothers, and the doctors who care for them.  And we welcome and need the participation of all in this effort, including husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. This effort crosses party lines and ideologies — Republican, Democrat, Independent, Pro Life and Pro Choice - because this isn’t about politics. It's about doing what is humane and living up to the family values that our state has always stood for.

Our Goal

Our goal is to address the women’s health crisis that has been created by the unintended consequences of the Texas laws that are preventing life-saving care for pregnant women with health complications.  Currently, a significant number of our doctors believe that Texas law dictates that they cannot terminate a pregnancy to provide life-saving care until a mother’s life is in imminent danger or they will be prosecuted. Consequently, mothers throughout our state are being sent home with potentially life-threatening conditions and not given care until their conditions have progressed to a point where they are at risk of death, which also may put their future fertility and ability to carry a child at risk, and in many instances, risk leaving their other children without a mother to raise and care for them. Also, mothers are being required to carry nonviable pregnancies to term, which often leads to significant physical and mental health challenges.

Women who want to raise their families in Texas are, understandably, afraid to be pregnant in Texas.  That’s not OK.

We believe there are common sense fixes that can address this women’s health care crisis, and we invite you to join our effort, and we will keep you up to date as we work to find solutions.

Be Part of the Solution

An interfaith based advocacy organization called Texas Impact has created a petition to encourage the Texas Medical Board to clarify via rule making when a medical emergency exception authorizes a physician to terminate a pregnancy that would otherwise be prohibited and make it clear when and how doctors can treat their patients and provide life-saving care before the pregnant mother is at imminent risk of death.

If you agree this clarity is needed, please click on this link to sign Texas Impact’s petition to the Texas Medical Board.  

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